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A community with the aim of networking so that the energy, ideas, the various qualities of each participant can circulate and be useful for building together a healthy environment that leads to personal and collective change.
I believe in the strength of the community, in sharing ideas and energies, in relating in a mature way on topics of personal or public utility for a concrete change that starts right from ourselves.

To begin, I provide what it is part of me, which derives from my experience with yoga, with nutrition and natural treatments, with interculturalism, with nature and with trying to live one’s life fully with a certain serenity: simple breathing sessions suitable for everyone ( very little technique), training in attention and being present, gratitude, respect for ourselves and for others in a safe space dedicated to positive energy.
Then, I would like to welcome other energies, other contributions from those who participate.

A weekly appointment every Friday at 7.15-8.00 starting from December 16th, even during the holidays, except January 6th. Online on Zoom.
Free access, upon registration, to obtain the participation link, which will always remain the same.

Here the link to subscribe for free.

I called it Prana Community because Prana is breath, it is energy, it is vitality, it is what is in us but also between us.
I think this is what best represents my idea of community right now: “aware people who help each other to live better in a healthy and hospitable world”


The community at the moment will be in Italian language, I hope soon will be multilingual.

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