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New yoga live classes on Zoom with Valentina.

September and October 2021. It is possible to attend 5, 7 or all 12 lessons

? THURSDAY 6.00-7.00 pm (Rome time) from 9 September to 28 October (except October 7th) = 7 lessons

? TUESDAY 7.00-8.00 am (Rome time) from 28 September to 26 October = 5 lessons

Both classes are with an emphasis on breathing, movement, posture and pranayama techniques. The lesson opens with sun salutations (ashtanga style) and continues with the practice of different groups of asanas: standing, sitting, inversions, back bending and arms balance, hatha yoga style, Iyengar and FutureYoga style. In the posture we improve breathing, alignment, openings, intensity and experience what the posture inspires and produces at various levels. If necessary to improve the asanas, and better benefit from their effect, we will use supports such as belts, bricks, chairs or any other support available in your place, respecting the individual characteristics of each participant.

During the lesson there is a space for interaction.

The classes are suitable for those who already practice yoga, or have practiced in the past, and are an excellent opportunity to keep the body flexible and trained, improve postures, acquire greater breadth and freedom in breathing, absorb positivity, keep the mind clear, contribute to the group with your own energy and make yoga your lifestyle continuously and in your environment.


1) Make a bank transfer (preferred method), request the Iban via email, or click this link to PayPal, enter the fee corresponding to the number of lessons you wish to attend and pay the fee (5 lessons € 45, 7 lessons € 58; 12 lessons € 85).
After payment, send an email to receive the participation link.

2) Get ready to practice, connect (with audio and video on), put down your pc, tablet or phone (download in advance if you don’t already have it) so you can see the screen.

? YOGA FOR EVERYONE during pandemic time: if at this moment you cannot pay for the lessons, Valentina offers some places available for free participation. Send a message privately!

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